Matrix Welding

The New Perception of Doing Business


Marketing / Management

Area manager (Južni prolaz d.o.o. Zagreb)
Cooperation with chambers
Tender building with coordination
Logistic support under clients demand (transport issues, tourist sector issue, real estate)
EU fund study
Representations under client demand
Business delegation visit coordination


WPS list
Welder certification coordination (EN ISO 9606-1)
Welding procedure coordination (EN ISO 15614-1)
Programs for welding schools
3834 and 1090 assistance
Consulting: banding, cuting, gas suction
Furnishing industrial halls with machine park

Quality Systems

Implementation assistance:
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
BS OHSAS 18001

Market Analysis

Overseas market analysis
(food,pharmacy,mechanical and electrical engineering, shipbuilding, cement, IT)

About Us


Meeting customer's requirements and expectations and keep them as a satisfied business partners. Continous investments in educations as a major value.


New markets, clients joining, fulfill clients demands thanks to our and partners know how.


Becoming a recongizable company in consulting services, ensuring growth and development with ideas.

Our Partners

References base on objective experience

Welding certificates (EN ISO 9606, EN ISO 15614, EN ISO 1090, EN ISO 12285-2)
ISO 9001 lead auditor
EU funds study linked with production hall building
Educations programs
Chamber cooperation
Thermal plants, oil and gas and vessels business developer (Middle East, Africa)
Tenders in oil and gas and thermal plants
Back office for clients that have headquarter in different time zone

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Company info:

Matrix Welding d.o.o. za savjetovanje i istraživanje tržišta

Stonska 3, Split


OIB: 92418440463

MB: 04733444

Nadležni trgovački sud: u Splitu

Član uprave/direktor: Vladimir Mitrović

IBAN:HR1723600001102615166 - Zagrebačka Banka

Temeljni kapital: 20.000,00 HRK - uplaćen u cijelosti.